Text Box: Turvey Neighbourhood Plan 

Dear resident,
I am pleased to say that our consultation events at the weekend were a great success with a really good turnout. It is very encouraging for all of us on the Steering Group to see so many people for taking an interest and giving us your views - the plan would be of no value at all if that wasn't the case. We will publish the results at the end of April soon after the consultation closes.
If you didn't have time to complete your questionnaire at the weekend you can hand these in at the Central Stores any time up to the closing date. The closing date for the consultation is 18th April and if you missed the display at the village hall, all the information we provided is online at;  http://turveyndp.org.uk/index_files/Page373.htm  (The Sites for New Homes Button on the right in the navigation bar)
You can find a link to an online version of the Recommended Sites questionnaire on the last slide but one of the main presentation - click on the map to open the presentation slide show.
You can click on the link to the  Local Green Spaces page for information about our Local Green Spaces recommendations and there is an LGS questionnaire that you can email to us at this email address or if you prefer, you can print your questionnaire and hand it in at the Central Stores. 
Please contact me if you have any queries about the consultation or the Neighbourhood Plan. 
Once again, many thanks and we look forward to seeing you at future events as the plan progresses.

Paul Jenkins                          On behalf of Turvey Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group


Please contact Turvey Neighbourhood Plan with any questions or queries on Email: turveyneighbourhoodplan@btinternet.com