Text Box: Turvey Neighbourhood Plan 

The Parish Council has registered with the Borough Council to produce its own Neighbourhood Plan and has set up a sub-committee, the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, consisting of Parish Councillors and interested residents to progress the development of the plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan is a real and positive opportunity for the community to shape the future development of Turvey, particularly the use and development of land and buildings.  Without a Neighbourhood Plan, we will have little influence over future development.


Please contact Turvey Neighbourhood Plan with any questions or queries on Email: turveyneighbourhoodplan@btinternet.com


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                     Site updated September 2018


More information coming soon on our next consultation event when we will be presenting our preferred site options for new housing

Text Box: The Neighbourhood Plan needs to be endorsed by an independent examiner appointed by the local planning authority and supported in a referendum of local residents, before it can be adopted. 

When adopted, the plan becomes a legal document within Planning legislation.