Pre-Submission Consultations 2017—2019

Reg 14 Consultation

Document Date



January 2017

Future Housing Needs

Future Housing Needs

March 2017

Housing Needs Survey

BRCC Housing Needs Survey

July 2017

General Survey

General Survey Results

March 2018

Village Discussion Documents


Village Discussion Meeting March 2018

Village Discussion Evaluation March 2018

Feedback from DLP for Snelsons Farm

Feedback from DLP for Station Road

Feedback from Jacksons-Stops for Mill Rise

Feedback from Fisher German for Newton Lane

March/April 2019

Sites for New Houses Consultation

Presentation Stage 1


Sites for New Houses Summary of Consultation Outcomes


September/October 2019

Sites for New Homes—Stage 2 Consultation

Presentation Stage 2


Sites for New Houses Stage 2 Summary of Consultation Outcomes


November 2019

Regulation 14 Consultation

Gladman Developments Representations

November 2019

Regulation 14 Consultation

Fisher German Reg 14 reps for the Trustees of Turvey Estate

Fisher German Reg 14 reps for Richborough Estates

Heritage Assessment - Land off Carlton Rd Turvey

Landscape and Visual Technical Note - Land off Carlton Road

Affordable Housing Assessment